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With nearly 25 years of experience working with adults, adolescents and families, we bring a non-judgmental and down to earth approach to therapy. We offer a safe environment that provides a supportive place to vent with a person who is trained as an effective, reflective listener. Using a combination of professional and personal skills that include insight, practicality, empathy and warmth, we help people understand and resolve their difficulties and struggles.  


In addition to this private practice, the owner, Karen Weinberg LeClaire, LMHC, has spent many years working with the Massachusetts Court systems as a Guardian ad Litem and can also help individuals and families navigate through the processes and work through the stress related to these difficult life situations.    


I am a twenty-five year professional with a career in health care including twelve + years of progressive leadership experience leading non-profit and for profit programs. I strive for modeling Quality of Care to all individuals in our communities.

As the tragedy unfolds in Ukraine and millions of refugees have already fled to neighboring countries, the impact of this war will be felt for years.  With their lives uprooted and loved ones left behind, help is needed for those affected to come to terms with displacement and deal with anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.  North Andover Counseling and Karen Weinberg LeClaire have set up Pro Bono/free services to help the Ukrainian Refugees obtain therapy sessions, including EMDR, for their mental health needs.


On a national front, I was an integral part of a small team of Healthcare professionals at Centene to develop an Integrated Care Model that won a national award in 2015.  This Integrated Care model is now known as evidence based, best practice for integrated care throughout the country.  


In April 2016, I participated in the National Opioid Summit in Atlanta with President Obama, the US Surgeon General and Director of DEA, among other distinguished guests.  I have a working knowledge of the Opioid crisis occurring throughout the country and have since helped to develop 20 new Substance Use Disorder initiatives in New England to help combat the opioid crisis.


I know it’s hard to make that first call. We believe that we can work together to create a therapeutic relationship from which you can grow and improve your life. I encourage you to come in and meet with us. 


 We look forward to working with you!


 Sessions are 55 minutes in duration


Each individual therapy session is $150
Each family therapy session is $200


We also participate in the following Insurance Networks:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

United Behavioral Health

Harvard Pilgrim


Free Phone consultations are available to help decide if your situation can be addressed through our work together.


The pre therapy Initial Consultation to discuss background information and treatment needs is without cost.  Payments may be made in the following methods:  cash, major credit card or debit card, HSA and Flexible Spending Accounts or check.

Many insurance plans offer Flexible Healthcare Spending Accounts that can be used to cover therapy. 

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