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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective alternative to more traditional
methods of psychotherapy.  EMDR may help you attain therapeutic goals at a rapid rate, with recognizable changes that stand the test of time.  The body possess an intuitive ability to heal itself.  EMDR appears to facilitate this self-mending process.  In fact, numerous controlled studies support the efficacy of EMDR, making it one of the most thoroughly researched methods ever used in the treatment of trauma and anxiety.

Due to its surprising ability to uproot deep traumatic memories and loosen their hold on your life, EMDR is ideally suited for use in conjunction with more traditional forms of therapy.  In many cases, EMDR acts as a catalyst to assist people who are stalled in therapy, helping them to move forward more rapidly toward recovery. 

EMDR enables people to explore their traumatic experiences in order to rebuild shattered assumptions about themselves and the world.

It provides behavioral and cognitive treatment options to eliminate intrusive thoughts, reduce anxiety and control distressing symptoms.


Each individual therapy session is $125-150
Each family therapy session is $200

Both Karen Weinberg LeClaire and Karla Shepard are offering EMDR therapy.


Providing personalized high-quality mental healthcare to children, teens and adults who want to change patterns, behaviors, and symptoms that consistently affect their lives or relationships.  We apply behavioral approaches that lead to concrete positive changes in each individual we treat.

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