As the owner of the practice and with nearly 20+ years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults, I bring a non-judgmental and down to earth approach to therapy. I offer a safe environment that provides a supportive place for children and adults to begin to build skills to navigate life challenges after life altering events. As a Guardian ad Litem in the Probate and Family courts, I have helped and supported children, adults and families through difficult times.

If you are looking for a therapeutic place for supervised visitation or family therapy, please keep North Andover Counseling in mind!

North Andover Counseling Professionals have a variety of therapists to meet your needs and style.  

Our approach is strength based, and we believe in a collaborative problem solving approach that offers children and families the skills and support that you need to navigate life challenges and to overcome them. Our experience and training provides a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges you may face.

If you're interested in solving problems and moving forward, the best time to start is now. Together, we can help you restore balance, gain insight and clear the path to a healthier and happier life.

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Gina Currao is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, who has been working in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse field for six years. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service and a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College. My experiences include working in group homes, inpatient psychiatric facilities and detoxification units, and individual and group therapy. I am experienced in working with adults, adolescences, and children. 

My personal and professional experience taught me that sometimes life challenges can overwhelm us and prevent us from experiencing happiness and well-being. Reaching out for help may not be easy. Yet, true attentive and non-judgmental connection with another person can bring healing and understanding to our pain. In my practice I use vast array of therapeutic approaches and provide a safe environment allowing positive change through self-exploration.

I aid clients in managing symptoms of depression, anxiety and other difficult experiences through self exploration, increasing a sense of control, and changing problematic patterns. You have unique knowledge of your life and I have an objective viewpoint and training. Through an increased understanding of the various aspects of your concerns and problems, together we can aid you in improving areas in your life that may benefit from change.


Hello! I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's in social work and immediately began working with people. I later went on to receive an associate's degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling and a Master's Degree in Social Work. I have experience working with a variety of populations from domestic violence victims and their families, children with behavioral needs, teens experiencing mental health concerns or struggling with making it through that time in their life, couples seeking support in their marriage as well as adults and young people struggling with addiction. Within those populations, I have focused on working with people that struggle for anxiety, depression, Autism Spectrum disorder, mood disorders, body image/self esteem concerns as well as individuals with trauma and sexual abuse history.  

On a more personal note, I really enjoy reading and watching TV in my free time. Currently I am reading the Outlander series and too many shows to keep track of (no really I have a list that's how bad it is!) I like playing video games with my husband and helping my 3 year old master any skill she is attempting at the moment!


My philosophy is simple; treat each person with kindness and respect no matter their background or history. Too often we are made to feel less than or inadequate for one reason or another. I strive to ensure that my clients feel supported and safe when they are in my care. Learning to create our own happiness and live our truth is really important, especially in a therapeutic setting.


We all have a unique journey, an unfolding story to tell, and various crossroads to navigate on our path through life. At times the path may become difficult, painful, or unclear; we may feel lost and unable to find the way forward or change direction alone. It may be a crisis in a family or relationship, ongoing anxiety or depression, addiction, a painful trauma, difficulties with work or school, or an inner sense that things are just not right.

I believe that our natural state is one of joy and well-being but sometimes life experiences and the beliefs that result can distance us from our sense of wholeness and contribute to suffering.

 The transformative process of therapy can restore joy and resilience as well as improve the capacity to care for oneself and have meaningful connections with others. Leaving behind old patterns of thoughts and behavior can free us to experience growth and open up possibilities that were not apparent previously. Successful navigation of your path can provide a sense of purpose and help to steer life in a meaningful direction. We can grow from challenges and derive meaning from difficult experiences by committing ourselves consciously to that task in a caring and supportive environment.

I offer psychotherapy to adults, children, adolescents and families. I encourage personal development and facilitate effective change by focusing on strengths and resilience. My therapeutic style is warm, unconditionally accepting, and collaborative. Treatment is tailored to each individual with a strong emphasis on the cultivation of insight, acceptance, and self-compassion. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from UMass Boston with a certificate in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. My goal is to offer compassionate support and guidance on your path as you process, gain insight, and overcome any obstacles to your capacity for living a wholehearted, purposeful and joyful life.


I have been involved in the field of mental health for the past five years and I am currently pursuing my independent licensure to become a mental health counselor. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Saint Anselm College and graduated with a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from Boston College’s Lynch School of Education. I have gained my experience through various outpatient positions providing direct support and care to adolescents and adults, including individuals diagnosed with developmental and intellectual disabilities, all with a wide-range of mental health disorders.

Throughout my years of experience as a psychotherapist, I continue to strive toward creating a comfortable and secure environment for those experiencing the challenges of mental health. I engage the client by applying a variety of therapeutic approaches to help provide insight on one’s perspective and thoughts, strengthen social and interpersonal relationships, and, above all, improve overall mental health and well-being for oneself. I have always had a passion for helping people and one opportunity for me to do so is to guide the client through their own experiences and obstacles by offering empathy, positive regard, and strength-based practices.

Simply put, everyone has their own journey in life. Each journey has been created through one’s own hardships, challenges, and experiences. I truly want to give others the listening-ear they deserve and offer a genuine sense of kindness to help them achieve a better life.


 Brittany has been working in the mental health and substance use field for more than five years in various treatment settings. She received her master’s degree in clinical counseling psychology from Assumption College with certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the Aaron T. Beck Institute for Cognitive Studies at Assumption College. 

Brittany specializes in individual therapy utilizing evidence based approaches, group therapy, relapse prevention and motivational interviewing. Brittany has extensive training in conducting assessments, developing treatment plans and providing a safe therapeutic environment. 

Brittany has a strong passion for helping those suffering from mental health and substance use disorders build a better quality of life!


Hello! I have been working in the field for the past five years and am working towards obtaining my licensure as a mental health counselor. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication studies, and a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Clinical Counseling. I have gained great knowledge working in both outpatient and residential settings, providing direct care to children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of mental health disorders.

I strive to build a comfortable and welcoming setting for those coming to my office in order to best be able to help individuals manage mental health issues and navigate challenging times in their lives. I use a variety of evidence based approaches, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, as well as providing relapse prevention, group therapy, individual therapy, goal setting, developing treatment plans, and providing a welcoming and safe therapeutic environment. I believe in treating each other with kindness, compassion, and respect no matter what. Helping others find their own happiness, and creating their own path to a brighter future.

Outside of the office, I enjoy traveling both near and far, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, and barre classes. I can also be found reading, writing, painting, and spending time with my dog.


Hi! I graduated from the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Science in Counseling from Salem State University.  I am fluent in both English and Spanish, and have experience working with diverse multicultural populations. 

I have been working in the mental health field for over 13 years, with experience in providing direct care to people in various treatment settings and also as an advocate while working with insurance companies in a managed-care setting.

I mostly have experience in treating adults, but have also worked in providing treatment for children and adolescents. My specialties include mental health disorders, substance use disorders, relationship difficulties, self-esteem building and addressing general life challenges. 

My therapeutic approach is a combination of motivational interviewing, strength-based treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy. I have learned through my experience to adjust my approach to what the person needs and will meet them where they are at, though will challenge when needed while providing support and unconditional positive regard. I provide a safe and non-judgmental treatment environment, and I believe that everyone deserves the chance to heal, the opportunity to grow and the ability to improve their quality of life.


I practice from a person centered place and can appreciate the importance of working together as a team to achieve your goals. I am a strong believer that each and every one of us hold the key to many of our unanswered questions. I also believe we all have the innate capability to resolve our own internal conflicts with the appropriate support along with an unbiased and judgement free safe space to process thoughts and feelings. I invite you to consider working with me to develop the best possible approach to any issues you wish to address. I have been touched personally by many mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and alcohol and substance abuse issues in my own family system and within my circle of friends and colleagues.

I practice from a compassionate and empathic place and consider myself to be eclectic when it comes to treatment approaches. This is your experience and I want to walk with you in your journey in discovering all there is to learn about yourself and your capabilities. I enjoy working with all ages and welcome individual, couples and family counseling. About myself:  I've worked in the substance abuse, mental health field since 2011. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern NH University in Psychology and Addiction Studies. I am a graduate of Cambridge College where I earned an M.Ed in Mental Health Counseling, Addiction, and Trauma. I am a certified, licensed Master’s Level Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor.

I have a blended family with 6 adult children, in-laws and some grandkids too. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, any outdoor activity, the beach, mountains, walking, exercising, and I love to cook and garden. I look forward to working with you and developing a trusting, supportive, therapeutic relationship to help you meet your treatment needs and goals.


Life is full of challenges and stressors and as human beings, it is natural for us to seek guidance and support.  I am passionate about helping people heal and promote the development of their own personal growth by utilizing a strength-based, trauma-sensitive style of therapy.

Being a mother of five has provided me with the understanding that no single approach is the right one for every individual.  As such, I am able to draw from my work and life experience, along with my education, to develop a unique and individualized approach to treatment utilizing an array of evidence-based practices, including EMDR. 

My educational background includes a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Merrimack College.   Outside of work, I can be found enjoying outdoor activities and planning for the next adventure with family or friends.


Nicole completed her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and School
Adjustment Counseling. She has experience in behavior analysis, special education,
mental health and substance abuse. She has experience working with adolescents and
families, but loves working with any client on their journey through therapy. Nicole’s
approach to therapy is holistic. The holistic approach used in her counseling allows
individuals to explore their mind, body and spirit. She guides individuals in understanding
and addressing how an issue in one area of their well being can lead to concerns in
another aspect of their life. Nicole is committed to helping people overcome any
obstacles they may be facing in life so they find peace and joy again.

To get a little more personal Nicole loves art and traveling. Nicole taught English in Thailand for a semester and explored South East Asia. She believes that new and uncomfortable experiences help her grow as both an individual and therapist. Nicole enjoys learning about new cultures and traditions. While in Thailand Nicole picked up meditation and yoga, which she likes bringing into her practice as well!

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