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Mental Performance Services

Mental performance refers to the

cognitive, emotional, and behavioral

factors that affect a performer’s

ability to excel in their given field.

● Confidence

● Motivation

● Performance Anxiety

● Goal-setting

● Mindfulness

● Burnout/Recovery

● Mental Toughness

● Team Building & Leadership

● Performance profiling


Mental Health Services

Mental health relates to a performer’s overall psychological well-being. It involves emotional, social, and psychological factors.

● Depression
● Anxiety & Stress
● Perfectionism
● Relationships
● Disordered Eating
● Psychological impact of injuries

● Trauma & Grief

● Substance Use


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Meet Our Mental Performance Team


Macy Tarrant, EdM


Olivia Longpre, EdM

Macy and Olivia are both graduates of Boston University's Master of Counseling and Sport Psychology program, trained at North America's top institute. As former athletes, they have unique insights and have worked with Division I, II, and high school athletes, enhancing their performance and mental well-being. Macy and Olivia can support anyone who is looking to improve the mental side of their performance and is ready to start the path to mental optimization.

​The significance of addressing both mental performance and mental health provides an all-encompassing

Enhanced Performance:

Improving mental performance can lead to better focus, confidence, and resilience, resulting in improved performance and achievement of goals

Overall Well-being:

Prioritizing mental health promotes a balanced lifestyle, fostering resilience, healthy relationships, and a positive self-image both for performance and daily life

Burnout Prevention:

Addressing mental health concerns can help manage stress, anxiety, and depression, reducing the risk of burnout and injury for performance


Developing mental skills and resilience can prolong a performer's career, allowing them to navigate challenges and setbacks effectively throughout their journeys.


Providing personalized high-quality mental healthcare to children, teens and adults who want to change patterns, behaviors, and symptoms that consistently affect their lives or relationships.  We apply behavioral approaches that lead to concrete positive changes in each individual we treat.

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